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Lash Lift

Ser Beya's Advanced Lash Lift is the perfection option for anyone who wants the appearance of longer lifted lashes without the use of a lash curler or the maintenance of lash extensions. 

Made from the best ingredients, Ser Beya offers quicker processing without causing damage or overprocessed lashes, even with longer processing times!

Our powerhouse solutions are paired with unique lifting shields that are a cross between a traditional shield and a barrel curl rod. 

Easy-to-use airless pump top solutions offer the precise amount to be dispensed to there is no waste, no mess and minimal cleanup. 

With everything you've come to expect in service and quality with Ser Beya, your clients will leave satisfied with the WOW factor of sky-high lashes.

*For professional use only

*Minimum 15 applications

*Lift can last up to 12 weeks

*Suitable for Brow Lamination

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