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Online Brow Lamination Course


Thank you for your signing up for the Brow Lamination course! We are excited to have you join us. 

Steps to get started:

1. Download the consult form and feel free to customize it with your business name/logo or anything else you would like to include on the form.

2. Download the manual and read thoroughly. Print out a copy to have on hand in your treatment room.

3. View the online tutorial video and rewatch as many times as needed. 

4. As you work on clients, make sure to take before and after photos 

The final step is to email your client before/after photo for approval.  Once your treatment is successfully completed and approved, your certificate will be mailed to you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Please remember, some students who have previous knowledge of brow treatments may be approved and certified within a week after signing up and others who are newer to the industry may take a bit longer. This is a personal journey of learning and building precision and skill.  Learn at your own pace is what makes this course perfect for everyone! 

Brow Lamination Client Consult Form

Brow Lamination Manual

Brow Lamination Tutorial