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Easy Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Pop

Easy Ways to Make Your Eyelashes Pop

Killer eyelashes are an instant confidence booster for any woman. While some women seem to be blessed with naturally long and curvy eyelashes, the rest of us have to find ways to make ours look longer, thicker, and curvier than they actually are. If you find yourself in this boat with the rest of us, fear not, we have rounded up some of our best tips to help make your eyelashes pop.

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Use a Lash Primer

You probably use a primer before you put on your foundation or other base makeup, so why not try using a primer for your eyelashes? Just as your primer helps to create the right base for all your other makeup, a lash primer can help lengthen and volumize your lashes in preparation for mascara. A bonus is that lash primers can make it easier to apply your mascara and last longer. If you don’t want to add one more item to your cosmetics bag, look for a mascara that includes a primer.

Condition Your Lashes

Think about why you use conditioner on your hair and it should make sense why you should start using conditioner on your eyelashes as well. Eyelash conditioners help fortify and hydrate, which is important for enhancing the length and volume of your lashes. You can either apply the conditioner right before you apply your mascara or you can use it as a night treatment.

Try a Lash Curler

Lash curlers are great tools to help make your eyelashes look longer and create a more open look for your eyes. Remember to be very gentle when using a lash curler as your eyelashes are delicate. Gently squeeze the curler along the length of your lashes to avoid creating a sharp bend. This technique should help to create a natural-looking curl.

Experiment With Different Mascara Formulas

While you may have started using mascara back in junior high or high school, it’s always good to try out different mascara formulas. In fact, different formulas offer different benefits, which could lead you to discover your new favorite! Lengthening formulas frequently include nylon or rayon fibers, which are designed to adhere to your natural lashes and add length. Volumizing formulas are usually dense so they can help bulk up your lashes for a thicker appearance. Of course, waterproof formulas are great if you have oily skin, get teary, or want to go swimming.

Experiment With Different Colors

If you normally use a black or dark brown mascara, you might be surprised to find out that using a different color could offer a more flattering look. If you’re not sure where to start, search online for recommendations for the best mascara color to match your eye color. You could also start with blue, green, gray, or even dark purple.

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